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Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby: Tips for an Easy Transition

Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby

You love your dog unconditionally—he’s the furriest member of your family, after all. However, when you bring home a new little (different) bundle of joy, the transition from receiving mom and dad’s unwavering attention, to now being an older sibling, can create a bit of confusion in your pup. Never fear, though! We have a… Read more »

Helping Your Pooch Through Halloween

Halloween is one of the most frightening nights of the year. The howls, the scary costumes, the way the air just seems to have a certain eerie electricity to it – it’s a night for the spirits, and for tricks and treats. However, this can also be a difficult night for your older canine friend…. Read more »

Accommodating Your Dog’s Anxiety

Just as people inevitably change as they get older, so do dogs. So although it may be difficult for you to understand, it is possible that your city dog may one day come to panic over the everyday sounds of your busy surroundings. You can’t exactly pack up your entire life and start over somewhere… Read more »