Frequently Asked Questions

Q—what kind of dogs do you accept?—

A—we take all kinds of dogs,young and old,for many reasons as long as it is for a long period,,,4 months to several years—-

Q—-Where will our dog stay ?—

A—It all depends on the dog itself and ‘how well it gets along with others’—we try to match them up with other suitable companions—many stay right in the house with us ,,,others have groups of playmates that they will get along with well—we have kennels if needed,,but prefer that they have friends to be with—

Q—can we visit ?—-

A—Of course as they always remain “your dog”—we can send pictures and updates as requested—many owners will take a nearby motel room and take the dog with them overnight,,or even longer—-

Q—what about vet care?—

A—Our vet becomes YOUR vet,,and reports directly to you

Q—what if he is on special food?

A—you would have to supply it — will do this automatically—

Q—Do they have heat and air conditioning as needed ?—-

A—of course—

Q—How do we pay?—

A—Payment is monthly by check or credit card—(this also insures that your dog IS here and being cared for)

Q—How many dogs do you have retired here?—

A—It varies and changes constantly—-we currently have dogs here from all over the world—

Q—How many people do you have working there?–

A—currently ,we have 6 people caring for these dogs—we are big enough to adapt to any situation, and small enough to give them all individual care as needed—-getting bigger is not always better—we prefer to stay small—-