Accommodating Your Dog’s Anxiety

Just as people inevitably change as they get older, so do dogs. So although it may be difficult for you to understand, it is possible that your city dog may one day come to panic over the everyday sounds of your busy surroundings. You can’t exactly pack up your entire life and start over somewhere new just yet, but your current environment is no longer a good fit for your pet, and expecting him to just deal with this anxiety isn’t very fair.

It isn’t always just the hustle and bustle of the city, however. Keep in mind that a dog’s anxiety can be triggered by any number of things and can lead to panicked urination, excessive barking, whimpering, etc., or even destruction. In one particular instance, we’ve had a dog come to us simply because his home’s close proximity to an airport caused him to run fearfully into the closet every time a plane landed. It got to a point where he had to be put on Xanax and Prozac just to keep his nervousness at a controlled state. Once he was here on our farm however, his anxiety disappeared along with his need for any anxiety pills.

In other cases, we see many dogs that are perfectly fine in their home environment. However, it’s when their owners need to place them in a daily boarding kennel that the anxiety kicks in. We’ve actually just welcomed one dog who needed to be on multiple sedatives just to go to one of these kennels. Regardless of whether the Kennels are located in an environment that triggers that fear or your pet simply cannot handle the idea of being locked in the kennel itself, it’s probably not the best place for them. Here, your dog is free to roam; no busy street noises, no airplanes, no cages – just free space to be explore until you return for him.

So many pet owners have sought out Silver Streak Kennels in hopes to alleviate some of their pet’s anxiety. Regardless of whether you need us for a quick, daily boarding facility or for a longer period of time until you can figure out new living arrangements, we’re here to make life as comfortable as possible for your dog. Contact us today.