Long Term Dog Sitting & Retirement Home for Dogs

Silver Streak Kennels is a long-term dog sitting and retirement home for dogs located in Upstate New York. Owners Don and Terry Vought have dedicated their lives to making their country home a safe haven for senior dogs, allowing them to comfortably live out their golden years on 150 acres of green pasture. Their mission is to treat each visiting dog like their own, and they strive to create the caring, loving environment that each loyal pet deserves.

Why Silver Streak Kennels?

At Silver Streak Kennels’ retirement home for dogs, senior dogs are able to enjoy independence and roam Don and Terry’s spacious country farm freely. The farm is the couple’s home, and they want each and every dog to feel like it is their home as well. While some are only here for long-term dog sitting or housing and may later be reunited with their owners, Don and Terry treat every dog as their own for as long as they’re here. The Voughts strongly believe in providing exemplary service to both pets and their owners, and maintain a hands-on relationship that ensures each dog is happy and enjoys a great quality of life. Click here to read our blog for more information.

“These pet owners feel their dogs are worth providing for, regardless as to their age, because in essence, they consider their pets as part of the family.” – Terry Vought

This quote is the driving force behind Silver Streak Kennels and further proves Don and Terry’s commitment to the senior dogs that reside here. They want to see the dogs entrusted to them thrive at a time when they aren’t expected to, which can often be the case when they are able to breathe in the fresh countryside air and relax.

About Our Long-Term Dog Sitting & Retirement Services

At Silver Streak Kennels, Don and Terry strive to treat every dog with love and compassion. They offer a variety of services to help various owners and their beloved dogs.

Learn more about Silver Streak Farms by contacting the Voughts for more information on their long-term dog sitting and housing services, and the beautiful retirement home for dogs they have created here in Upstate New York.

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