Short-Term Overnight Dog Boarding Services in NY

Life can be unpredictable at times. For dog owners, unpredictability can be a bigger problem, as it may leave you temporarily unable to care for your pup. Something might come up suddenly at work, leaving you scrambling to find someone to tend to your dog for the night. Or maybe you have a trip planned and are unable to take your dog with you. Regardless of the situation, you can always turn to Silver Streak Kennels.

Located in Morris in Upstate NY, we have built our well-respected reputation by providing superior dog boarding services. Whether you need your pup cared for indefinitely, for a few days or weeks, or just overnight, we’ll provide a loving environment that will make your dog feel right at home.

Short-Term & Overnight Dog Boarding in Upstate NY

No matter how long your dog stays with us, you can rest assured knowing we’ll treat them like part of the family. Our team is made up of dog lovers who are experienced in caring for dogs of all breeds, ages, and personality types. We will accommodate any special needs for your dog and always ensure they are safe and happy.

Our facility is located on 150 acres of sprawling land on which our dogs spend their days running, playing, and taking in the fresh air. Your pup will get plenty of social interaction when they stay with us from other dogs and our staff members. Although if they prefer to be alone, we will make sure they have a safe space all to themselves and a comfortable kennel to retreat to whenever they’d like.

Emergency Short-Term Dog Boarding

Sometimes, things happen that demand the need for dog boarding suddenly. If you find yourself in that situation, you can call Silver Streak for emergency short and long-term dog boarding services. We will provide care, love, and attention to your dog while you handle what you need to, so you won’t have to worry about their well-being on top of everything else. Although we’re located in Morris, NY, we will board dogs from anywhere.

To learn more about or book our short-term or overnight dog boarding services, give us a call at 607-263-2007 today!