Short-Term Overnight Dog Boarding Services in NY

Navigating through the ebb and flow of life with a pet by your side can be both rewarding and occasionally tricky. Especially when an unexpected commitment pops up and you find yourself pondering – who could care for your dog in your absence? That’s where we come into the picture, providing a safe, joyous, and comforting environment for your pup, even if it’s just for a night.

A Home Away from Home

Imagine a place where your dog isn’t just accommodated but is welcomed, loved, and genuinely cared for. We strive to provide exactly that. Located in Upstate NY, our facility stretches over a generous 150 acres of lush, green land, providing ample space for your canine buddy to play freely, explore curiously, and snooze comfortably. Our experienced, warm-hearted team, proficient in handling various breeds and temperaments, is committed to ensuring your dog feels at home, whether it’s an overnight stay or a slightly extended visit.

Every dog enjoys a unique personality – some relish the hustle and bustle of playful company, while others seek solace in solitude. At our kennel, we help each dog find their perfect balance of social interaction and peaceful alone time. After a day filled with exploration and companionship, they can snuggle into the cozy comfort of Kuranda dog beds, chosen specifically to ensure they’re cozy when they rest.

Dogs laying outside in the sun

Emergency Dog Boarding Services

We’ve all encountered those unforeseen circumstances – an urgent work trip, a sudden personal commitment, or an unexpected emergency. That’s when you might find yourself in need of a trustworthy sanctuary for your dog. Fear not, as our gates are always open for such occasions, ensuring you have one less worry on your mind during trying times.

We Also Offer Comfortable Long-Term Stays!

Stepping beyond short-term stays, we uphold a haven for those in need of longer-term boarding solutions too. Whether you’re in the military and need a secure place for your dog during deployment, find yourself in a medical emergency, or are a senior citizen requiring hospitalization, our extended care ensures your dog enjoys a loving, safe, and stimulating environment throughout.

Call 607-263-2007 or email us at to discuss how we can make your dog’s stay with us a wonderful adventure.