Short Term Overnight Dog Boarding

Did something come up at work that is leaving you scrambling to find someone to care for your dog? Alternatively, do you have some sort of procedure or trip planned that will prohibit you from caring for your beloved pet? Regardless of your situation, Silver Streak Kennels is the place you can turn to when you’re in need of short-term, overnight dog boarding services. 

Short-term Dog Boarding Services

Located in Upstate New York in Morris, Silver Streak Kennels has built our reputation by providing superior dog boarding services. Whether you need your pup cared for indefinitely, for a short period of time or just overnight, we provide a loving environment and will make your dog feel right at home.

Our facility is located on a 150-acre property with a pond, providing the dogs in our care with more than enough ample space to run and play. The dogs we have the privilege of caring for love the free reign to roam and enjoy fresh air all while under the sun.

Our staff is made up solely of dog owners and dog lovers who know how to care for your pets and provide them with the care they need to feel right at home. We can administer your dog’s medication and perform other requests if need be. The night or the few days you’re away from your dog will be worry free for both you and your pet.

If you have any questions about the short-term and overnight dog boarding services we offer, contact us at your convenience.