Keeping Your Dog Safe & Calm on The Fourth of July

Independence Day celebrations are one of the highlights of summer. There’s yummy food, good friends and family all around, and of course, incredible fireworks displays. But while you may enjoy the dazzling shows that light up the sky at night, many dogs do not share the sentiment.

The loud, continuous booms that penetrate the air as fireworks go off can be a big source of stress and fear for your pup. It’s important that as you’re planning for the day, you take measures to keep them calm, comfortable, and safe from the commotion. Here are a few things you can do to make Fourth of July fireworks easier for your dog!

Keep your dog indoors.

The best thing you can do for your pup on the Fourth is put as much distance as possible between them and the fireworks displays going on. Set them up in their “safe” place, whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, or crate. Close all windows, blinds, doors, and, if they’re crated, cover their crate too.

Provide distractions to help curb anxiety.

Giving your dog something positive to focus on will help keep them from paying attention to any frightening outdoor festivities. Offer something that will occupy them for a while, such as a peanut butter-filled Kong or puzzle toy with treats. If you don’t have plans, even just hanging out and playing with them can be a good enough distraction.

Try calming aids for extra fearful pups.

Talk to your vet ahead of Independence Day about natural and/or medicinal treatments that can help your pup stay calm when celebrations get underway. Natural aids, such as calming treats, CBD animal products, dog melatonin, thundershirts, or even just soft music or television, should be tried first. If those don’t work, ask your vet about prescribing a sedative to have on hand.

Sometimes, the best solution for keeping your dog comfortable on the Fourth of July is to trust them in the hands of someone who can give them the expert care and individual attention they need while you celebrate. At Silver Streak Kennels, we offer short-term and long-term boarding for dogs at our peaceful countryside farm. Many dogs come to us with anxiety and, after a short time at our facility, are living fun, happy, and stress-free days.

For more information about our dog boarding options, get in touch with us today!