Emergency Dog Boarding

It happens to all of us. At some point, our daily routines or meticulously laid out plans are interrupted by something unforeseen. Whether it’s a scary medical emergency, the need to have to make last minute travel plans or some other situation, it can really disrupt day-to-day routines. This is especially true if you own a dog and worry how he or she will be taken care of.

Emergency Dog Boarding Services

If you need to make plans for your dog so you can handle your business, Silver Streak Kennels provides emergency dog boarding services in Upstate New York. Located in Morris, NY, our property is 150-acres and features a pond. The space ensures that the dogs in our care can run, roam, and enjoy the perks of fresh air and a warm sun. All the dogs in our care love their environment once they assimilate to it, and although you’ll be off dealing with an emergency, your adorable pup will be enjoying the dog equivalent of playtime while on vacation. Notably, we’ve had many dogs in our care who suffer from anxiety thrive in our relaxing, loving and stress free environment.

All of the wonderful workers on our staff are dog owners who love their job. We enthusiastically provide the dogs in our care with the love and care they’re accustomed to receiving at home. When you’re dealing with your emergency, you’ll have myriad things to worry about, but your dog’s care will not be one of them when you trust in Silver Streak Kennels.

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