Helping Your Pooch Through Halloween

Halloween is one of the most frightening nights of the year. The howls, the scary costumes, the way the air just seems to have a certain eerie electricity to it – it’s a night for the spirits, and for tricks and treats. However, this can also be a difficult night for your older canine friend. Here are a few tips to make the holiday simple and safe for your pup.

Spooky Sounds

When the doorbell rings or there’s a knock at your door on Halloween, you’ve probably got children from the neighborhood at your doorstep, trick or treating for candy in the great tradition of the day. However, these unexpected visitors – especially if they’re frequent – can be very troublesome to your dog. Help soothe your pup by keeping them away from the noise of the door, in a room far from the front of your home or out of earshot of your knocker or doorbell. You can also play some music in the room where your pup will be for the night to help provide background noise and keep them at ease during the rush hours for trick or treaters.

Strange Sights

Kids in costume are often a great sight to see – funny costumes, spooky sights and gory ghouls parade to your home or along the street outside. Even if the costumes don’t scare you, so many people – especially with hidden faces – can be a fright for your dog. Keep your dog away from the door and windows so they can’t see these costumed and masked kids. They may mistake a child for an invader or a threat, so keeping them out of sight of the Halloween revelers will help your pup calm.

Be careful, too, of your Halloween decorations. Small items or powered devices can be a serious hazard to your dog if he or she decides that they’re a plaything instead of a holiday garnish. Keep a close eye on your dog and make sure that they stay out of your decorations to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected surprises this season.

Sneaky Snacks

Lastly, chocolate-covered and filled candies are a common theme of the holiday, but should only be eaten by children and adults – not your dog. Make sure that you keep these treats away from where your dog could reach them to make sure that they don’t accidently chow down on dangerous chocolates. The stimulant substance in chocolate can be a serious health hazard, and cause vomiting, abnormal heart beats and even death in extreme cases. Don’t risk a scare, and keep treats up high and away from curious canines.

With a few proactive steps, everyone in your home can be safe this season, allowing kids, families and dogs alike to have a Happy Halloween.