Dog Retirement Home Gallery

Dog Retirement Home Gallery

Over the years, Silver Streak Kennels has played host to hundreds of dogs. We specialize in providing long-term kennels and boarding services for dogs who are getting up there in age. We make it a priority to treat them just like one of our own dogs when they come to stay with us on our expansive 150-acre property in Morris, NY. The gallery here shows just a few of the wonderful dogs that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting since Silver Streak Kennels was first founded.

At Silver Streak Kennels, our long-term kennels and boarding services for dogs have all been designed around the needs of older dogs, ranging from the smallest pooches all the way up to the largest pups. Dogs begin reaching their golden years at different rates depending on the breed, but just like people, all dog breeds will eventually start to slow down and need help completing tasks that used to be simple. Silver Streak Kennels can provide them with the assistance they need during their later years in life and make sure they’re able to make the most of them.

When you call on Silver Streak Kennels for long-term kennels and boarding services for dogs, we’ll also provide your dog with:

• A friendly, loving, and welcoming atmosphere that will help make your dog’s golden years as relaxing and enjoyable as possible

• Wide-open fields, trees, and even a large pond that will give your dog every opportunity to explore, play, or just lay out in the sun and relax

• Direct access to other dogs that are also on the older side and looking for dogs their age to run around with

Although we find that many of our four-legged guests enjoy playing with other dogs, we understand that some dogs don’t play well with others or need to be separated from their fellow dogs for health reasons. As such, we’ll make sure to accommodate dogs that need to time on their own.

Browse through the gallery above to see some of the amazing memories that we’ve made with dogs on our property over time. Call Silver Streak Kennels at 607-263-2007 today for more information on our services.

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