Dog Retirement Home Gallery

Our gallery shows a few of the wonderful dogs we’ve hosted and the great memories and moments we’ve had here at Silver Streak Kennels. Our long-term kennels and boarding services for dogs are designed around the needs of older dogs, from the smallest pooch to the largest pups. Dogs reach their old age at different rates but, just like people, all breeds eventually find themselves moving a little slower and needing a little more help with tasks that were once simple. When that time comes, Silver Streak Kennels provides a friendly, loving and welcoming atmosphere that will make your dog’s golden years the relaxing and happy time they should be.

Many of our dogs play, walk or simply lay around together across our expansive property. Even old dogs need playtime and room to exercise, and our large, fenced-in grounds ensures every dog has plenty of room to roam at their own pace. With wide-open fields surrounded by trees and a large lake, all our dogs have room to explore, run, play or just lay in the sun. If your dog should be separated from other dogs for health reasons or because they just don’t play very well with others anymore, we can find a place for your dog where he or she will still be happy and comfortable.

Browse the gallery to see a few of the great times we’ve had with our dogs and see the inside and outside of our long-term kennels. If you are interested in learning more about boarding services for your dog, contact Silver Streak Kennels today at 555-555-1212.

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