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When a dog comes to Silver Streak Kennels for an extended stay, they become so much more than just another dog in our boarding kennel. Our long-term pets quickly become a part of our family, and we make it a point to treat them as such. We know it’s not easy for dogs to be separated from their homes, so we do everything we can to embrace them and welcome them wholeheartedly when they come to our long-term pet and dog boarding facilities in Morris, NY. We make it our mission to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible until their owners are able to return to pick them up.

We’ve had dog owners from all over the country put our extended stay pet and dog boarding facilities to good use. Many of our pet parents travel on a regular basis and are unable to bring their dogs along with them when they do. Instead of placing their dogs into crowded kennels that can cause the dogs to suffer from unnecessary stress, these pet parents choose to leave their dogs at Silver Streak Kennels so that they can feel like they’re at home. We live on a large country farm with 150 acres of open space that gives dogs the opportunity to run around and have a good old time until it’s time for them to go.

We also specialize in catering to senior dogs in need of a dog retirement home. We give them access to plenty of sunshine and fresh air and allow them to exercise, explore, and stay healthy during their golden years. We’re also experienced when it comes to providing special medical attention to older dogs and can ensure they get the care they deserve when they visit our extended stay pet and dog boarding facilities. You won’t have to worry about a thing when you allow us to look after them.

We know how hard it can be for some pet parents to trust others with their dogs. We would be more than happy to put your mind at ease by answering any questions you might have about our long-term pet and dog boarding facilities. Fill out the form below to take advantage of our extended stay pet and dog boarding facilities or ask any questions you might have. You can also call us at 607-263-2007 today to obtain more information on our long-term kennel services.

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