Dog Boarding for Hospitalized Senior Citizens

Dog Boarding Services for Senior Citizens Who Can No Longer Care for Their Pup

For many senior citizens, their dog is their pride and joy who enriches their lives on a daily basis. Their dog provides them companionship and support. Sadly however, there comes a time in a senior citizen’s life when they simply can no longer care for their beloved pup. Whether their bodies are breaking down or their mind is not as sharp as it once was, there comes a point where their dog must find a new home.

In the unfortunate event you or a senior citizen in your life can no longer provide a dog with the care they need, you can always turn to Silver Streak Kennels. For many years, we have provided an amazing atmosphere for the dogs in our care. Our facility is nestled on 150-acres of land in Upstate New York. Though we’re located in Morris, NY, we care for dogs from all over the place and provide them with the love and care they deserve. The dogs love the open space on our property (which also features a pond) and thoroughly enjoy running, roaming, playing and breathing in fresh air all under the beautiful sun.

Our staff is made up of fellow dog owners and lovers, so senior citizens and their families can obtain real peace of mind knowing their beloved dog will enjoy limitless fun and have a great life on our property.

The best case scenario is you never have to worry that you can no longer care for your dog due to old age, but if it does happen, the next best thing is sending him or her to our property where he or she will be truly loved and cared for. To learn more about what makes our property unique, contact us today.