Dog Boarding Services for Senior Citizens in Upstate NY

If you or an older person in your life can no longer provide the care your dog needs, Silver Streak Kennels is happy to step in and help. We have provided the dogs at our facility with a loving home, top-quality care, and amazing atmosphere for many years. We would be happy to do the same for your pup.

Dog Boarding Services for Senior Citizens Who Can No Longer Care for Their Pup

There is no shame in being unable to care for your dog anymore, and the right thing to do is set them up with a home that will cater to their every need. When you send your dog to live at Silver Streak, they’ll have 150 acres of rolling hills, green grass, and a pond to spend their days on. Dogs of all ages and personalities love the open space on our property where they can run, roam, play with each other, and breathe in fresh air under the beautiful sun. They also have a warm, comfortable kennel to return to when they get tired and need a break.

Our team is made up of fellow dog owners and lovers, so senior citizens and their families can have peace of mind know their pup’s health and happiness are in great hands. We provide top-tier medical services to our dogs and accommodate special needs such as special diets, mobility issues, and medications.

Group of dogs walking down a trail

Short-Term, Long-Term & Emergency Dog Boarding Services for Senior Citizens in NY

As we age, medical issues that need to be addressed pop up more often. If you or a dog-owning senior citizen in your life need temporary care for your dog as you take care of your own health and recovery needs, we offer short-term, long-term, and emergency dog boarding services to help. Whether you need dog boarding just overnight, for a few weeks, for a few months, or at a moment’s notice, your dog will have a home with us.

You are also free to come visit your dog whenever you’d like, as we know they will always be a cherished member of your family, even as they’re a part of ours. Our facility is located in Morris, NY, but we accept dogs from anywhere.

Although you hope that your age will never get in the way of caring for your pup, life unfortunately has other plans sometimes. When this happens, Silver Streak Kennels is more than happy to provide a solution. Contact us about our dog sitting and pet care services for senior citizens today!