Long-Term Dog Boarding for Military Service Members in New York

Military personnel make tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe and secure. In addition to putting their lives and well-being at risk, they must often put their personal lives on hold to complete new tours, assignments, and training sessions. Uprooting to a new area indefinitely is a challenge. Still, it can be even more complex for military members who are also dog owners. The good news is that Silver Streak Kennels is here to help.

We provide short-term, long-term, and emergency boarding services for military service members. Although we are based in Upstate New York, we will accept dogs from anywhere. When military duty calls you away, you can bring your cherished dog to our facility and feel assured, knowing they’ll receive the love and care they deserve.

Short-Term & Long-Term Dog Boarding for Military Members in NY

Whether you’re gone for a few weeks or years, Silver Streak Kennels will provide a home for your dog for as long as needed. Our 150-acre farm is ideal for dogs, with ample space to roam along sprawling green hills and a comfortable kennel to return to when it’s time to rest.

We pride ourselves on offering a low-stress environment for dogs of all ages. Many senior and young pups love to soak up the sun by the pond and run and play together on the farm. In fact, many dogs who come to us with high anxiety can stop taking their medications thanks to our calm and caring atmosphere. Our owners and entire staff are dog lovers with experience caring for all dogs. We will tailor your dog’s care, attention, and daily routine to their exact needs.

Dogs playing outside

Emergency Dog Boarding for Military Members

Silver Streak Kennels understand that the life of a military member can be unpredictable. Suppose you’re deployed or called away on short notice. In that case, we offer emergency dog boarding services at our Upstate NY facility, so you can report to your job without worrying about your four-legged family member. Give us a call, and we will make accommodations for your dog.

If you’re a military member looking for a loving, welcoming, and attentive home for your dog while you’re away, contact Silver Streak Kennels about our military dog boarding services today!