Military Long Term Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Services for Military Members

Military personnel make tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe and secure. In addition to putting their lives and bodies at risk as the ultimate sacrifice, they must also often put their personal lives on hold to go on new tours, assignments and training sessions. The process of having to uproot to a new area for an indefinite period of time can be especially complex for dog owning military members.

Fortunately, Silver Streak Kennels is here to help. We provide long term dog boarding services for military service members. Whenever military duty calls and you’ll be away for an extended period of time, you can bring your cherished dog to our facility. Here, we will provide him or her with the love and care they deserve.

We provide the ideal environment for dogs to thrive; in fact, our facility is situated on a 150-acre piece of property, which gives the dogs in our care ample space to roam around and enjoy themselves. We pride our facility on being a low stress environment for dogs; there is also a pond on the property, and the dogs in our care just love to come and soak up the sun’s ray in a relaxing atmosphere.

Please note, our owners and entire staff is comprised of dog owners and lovers. We have experience caring for all types of dogs, including those who suffer from anxiety. Regardless of how long you need to leave your dog with us, you can feel rest assured knowing he or she will get the care and love they deserve.

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