Tips for Boarding Your Dog During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is nearly upon us and millions of Americans will be travelling through the months of November and December to be with family and loved ones. For dog owners, this creates a dilemma. It’s not always possible to travel with your canine companion.

In fact, it might be easier just send the dog to an overnight boarding kennel. But it’s important to prepare ahead of time if you’re going to do this, especially if it’s your first time boarding your dog overnight. Here are some tips:

Reserve Early to Avoid the Holiday Rush

The holidays sneak up on us quicker than a puppy chasing its tail, so book your boarding spot early.  Kennels often fill up fast during peak times, and you’ll want to ensure you can secure a spot. This isn’t just about ensuring a reservation; it’s about peace of mind, knowing your dog will be in good hands while you’re away.

Familiar Comforts for a Homey Stay

Even the best kennel can be a bit daunting for our pups during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. To make their stay more homelike, pack their favorite toy, blanket, or even an unwashed shirt of yours. Familiar scents can work wonders in calming a nervous dog and making them feel like they’re just having a holiday of their own, filled with familiar sniffs and comforting cuddles.

A Jolly Good Health Check

Before you leave, make sure your pup is up to date on vaccinations and in tip-top health. Kennels are dedicated to keeping all furry guests safe and jolly, so a health check is a must. It’s also a great time to discuss any special dietary needs or medications with the kennel staff to ensure they can cater to your dog’s holiday menu.

If you want to ensure your dog enjoys a happy and healthy holiday season while you’re away, Silver Streak Kennels is the perfect place. We’re devoted to giving your furry friend a festive season that’s as wonderful and warm as your own. With love, care, and holiday spirit, we ensure your dog’s boarding experience is magical. Give us a call at 607-263-2007 to learn more about our services!