Is Your Dog Ready for Boarding?

At some point in your time as a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to leave your dog at a kennel or boarding facility. This may be a day care type situation where they go every day for a few hours. It may be for a few days while you’re on vacation or it could even be more months if some type of serious situation arises.

Before you send your dog away for the first time, you may be asking yourself if they are ready. Here’s how to tell:

How they’re Socialized

While your dog may always be friendly to you, that does not mean he or she is going to get along with every other dog. It’s important to get your dog used to dealing with other dogs, especially if you do not have any other animals at home. You can do this by taking them to a local dog park and seeing what kind of dog personalities they enjoy and which they clash with.

How they Play

There are all kinds of different dog personalities, and they can all co-exist in a daycare, kennel, or boarding situation so long as it’s understood which type of dog each is beforehand. Some dogs are playful and energetic, while others are more mellow. Some get along with and tolerate most others, while some like to be left alone. Some can be aggressive. It’s important to know going in which kind of dog yours is.

How Obedient They Are

When you’re not around, it’s going to be important for your dog to listen to the commands of another human. It’s important that they’re able to recognize that person as someone they trust and will obey. That, of course, starts with a good relationship with you at home. Do they obey what you tell them? Are they well-behaved?

If you believe your dog is ready for short or long-term boarding, Silver Streak Kennels is the place to send them. Your pup will be free to roam in our 150 acres of green pastures in Upstate New York and will receive the best care possible from qualified professionals. Give us a call at 607-263-2007 to learn more about our services today.