How Your Dog’s Needs Change as They Age

Dogs are just like humans in that they experience different stages throughout their life, and with each stage their needs will change. How so?

Senior dogs go through some normal health and behavioral changes that come with age— sore joints and muscles, vision problems, slower movements, and more. The most important thing you can do for your dog is to make sure his changing needs are being met as he enters his golden years!

Monitor his health.

A mature dog needs to be monitored more frequently when it comes to his health. Keep an eye out for symptoms of degenerative diseases and other common health issues that tend to plague older pups. Consider that you may need to start giving him medication and/or supplements daily.

Consider diet changes.

It’s also important that older dogs maintain a healthy weight, so they’ll likely need to be switched to a special formula or even given smaller portions of food more frequently throughout the day.

Adjust activity levels.

Keep in mind that your dog’s activity needs will also need to be adjusted to accommodate slower movement and joint and muscle pain and weakness. Take your dog on shorter walks or out for play sessions frequently. Also, be aware that he may no longer be able to make his way up the stairs or jump onto his favorite lounging furniture.

Can I accommodate my aging dog’s needs?

As a good, loving dog owner it’s important to ask yourself this question—and to face the answer no matter what it is. Your dog may have done fine in your New York City apartment when he was younger and spritely, but now he needs more fresh air and a calmer atmosphere to adapt to his decreasing energy levels. On the other hand, if you notice your dog no longer has the ability to run and play throughout all three stories of your house, he might need an environment without stairs or hardwood floors that aggravate his joint pain.

We understand how difficult it can be to come to terms with the fact that your home is no longer the best place for your senior dog. However, sometimes the best option for your dog is to give him a new home where you can guarantee his needs will be met. Consider making the selfless decision to let your beloved pup spend his golden years thriving in the open air with constant companionship.

At Silver Streak Kennels, we have the experience and resources to give your senior dog everything he needs to accommodate his aging body and puppy spirit! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to bring joy and comfort to your dog’s senior years!