Signs of Health Issues in Older Dogs

Many of the dogs that end up staying with us here at Silver Streak Kennels are those who have reached an age where their health is just too much for their owners to keep up with. When they’re here with us, they have the opportunity to explore our large countryside property and play around with other dogs and really just enjoy the second half of their lives. So as an owner, how do you know when your canine’s health has gone from the normal issues here and there, to the more serious medical problems? Are there any signs?

When it comes to a senior dog, there are actually quite a few indications that a trip to the vet may be in order. Here are just a few:

Arthritis – Yes, your dog can suffer from this just as much as you can. This particular disease causes pain and discomfort in your pet’s joints, and can make it very difficult for them to get around. Some signs you may want to look out for are limping, reluctance towards getting up, walk up or down the stairs or jump on furniture, or licking or chewing at painful joints.

Sudden Blindness or Hearing Loss – When your pet begins to have a hard time moving around without running into objects, or if he no longer responds to the call of his name as quickly as he used to, this may be another sign. You should consult your veterinarian to find out whether these symptoms are simple a result of old age, or if they have been caused by more serious problems, such as infection, poisoning, cancer or cataracts in the eyes.

Cognitive Dysfunction – Like us, dogs can be subjected to age-related dementia. Some symptoms you may want to be mindful of are general confusion, such as getting lost in their own backyard or forgetting who you are, barking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, confusing the outside from the inside when it comes to urination, or any significant personality changes.

Consider browsing through the internet or speaking to your vet for more information on determining if your pet needs extra care, or maybe even prescribed medication. If you find that the responsibility is just too much, and that your dog needs more attention that you can give, feel free to call us at Silver Streak Kennels today. We have plenty of experience in this area and you can trust that we will give your beloved pet the care he deserves.