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A Country Retirement Home for Your Dog in Upstate New York

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Welcome to Silver Streak Kennels, where older dogs come to enjoy the retirement they deserve.  Silver Streak Kennels provides a dog retirement home and long-term dog boarding with special attention and comforts, so every day is restful, comfortable and full of love.

Silver Streak Kennels is entirely owned and staffed by dog lovers. We offer the perfect canine experience because we care. Our dogs’ happiness is our happiness; we seek not only to take care of these dogs, but also to befriend them and provide them with the most joyful experiences as possible. It’s hard for man’s best friend to separate from its owner, so regardless of the duration, we aim to ameliorate the dis-junction and restore well-being to the animal.

Trust Silver Streak Kennels to make your furry friend’s golden years magical.  There is no better piece of mind than knowing your loyal friend receives quality care in a loving home for a long or short-term stay.  A calm, low-stress environment with relaxed, appropriate exercise in a country setting gives each dog a beautiful landscape to retire in.  Older dogs often require increased attention and care that many pet owners cannot supply, but Silver Streak Kennel’s environment and caretakers are specially equipped for the needs of senior dogs.  Every dog is a guest at Silver Streak Kennels, whether for a short-term, long-term or even emergency boarding plan.

pet retirement home

Give your elderly pet the finest retirement experience with affectionate care, wide spaces and comfortable kennels.  Read more about Silver Streak Kennel’s beautiful grounds, devoted caretakers and boarding programs online.  Call today to make arrangements that best suit you and your companion.

We owe it to our dogs to comfort them when spending months away or when the end is near. They bring so much joy to us, so it’s only fair that we pay it back. Silver Streak Kennels offers everything a dog could want and more. We address every aspect of their wants and cater to their every need. Every dog enjoys Silver Streak. Imagine if your dream vacation could last forever – you could make that dream come true for your faithful pal!

Dogs are special in that they are infinitely optimistic and excited about just about everything in life, even little things like squirrels and squeaky toys. Silver Street Kennels is a loving environment that allows dogs to relax and enjoy these simple pleasures with a life of cheerfulness and fun.

We give dogs a chance to have a perfect retirement in the country, where they can relax and feel at ease for a short or long boarding period. Your dog is always a very important part of the family, but sometimes circumstances arise where you may no longer be able to care for your furry friend anymore. Our dog retirement home and long-term pet boarding kennel has the resources and staff to care for your beloved pet, so you can feel comfortable knowing your dog has retired to a wonderful new home.

The Silver Streak Kennels staff is able to provide medical services for the aging dogs in need in our care. In addition, our facility is located on a 150-acre property, featuring a pond and plenty of open space for your dog to roam and explore. We know every dog deserves to live in the best retirement home possible, and our long-term pet boarding facility can provide your dog with everything he or she may need to live out a full, happy life in their golden years.

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find valuable information about our dog retirement home/boarding kennel, the grounds that our kennel is set on and about the great people who help operate our kennel. Our love for dogs and dedication to making the final days of a dog’s life the best ones has made us the finest retirement dog-boarding provider. Whether you are looking for short term, long term or emergency dog boarding, Silver Streak Kennels has everything you and your dog need. Call us today.

What situations call for Silver Streak Kennel Retirement?

  • City dogs who are too old for the rigors of apartment living.
  • Dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them.
  • Dogs whose owners travel overseas for extended periods of time.

Retirement Home For Dog

Silver Streak Kennels is an Upstate New York dog boarding kennel and life on a farm in the country for your dog. This is not a conventional kennel. These dogs are treated as our own.

Dogs spend quality time – months or years – surrounded by trees, grass and rolling hills – in comfort and love. In essence, your dog becomes a loving member of our family.

Your dog has given you years of enjoyment and loyalty.

Dog Retirement Home

A member of the family, really.  Now, for the first time, there is a solution that you both can live with.

Silver Streak Kennels is an open, natural environment in the heart of the beautiful Leatherstocking Region of New York State. We offer long-term boarding or full-time retirement for your pet on a farm in the country.

Don’t you think your dog deserves the reward of a lifetime? Call (607) 263-2007 or email us at [email protected]

Call, (607) 263-2007 or email us at [email protected]

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