Dog Retirement Home in NY

New York Dog Retirement Home & Long-Term Pet Boarding

With 150 acres of green pasture, a beautiful pond, and fresh air, Silver Streak Kennels is the perfect home away from home for your dog. Whether you’re looking for a dog retirement home in New York or for long-term pet boarding while you’re overseas, we have a team of dog lovers ready give your dog the love and care they need.

New York Dog Retirement Home

Every dog deserves the chance to live out their golden years in comfort, leisurely roaming open fields and basking in the warm sunlight. At Silver Streak Kennels, that’s exactly what we provide!

For those senior dogs who need a little extra care than you can give, or your older pup that just can’t handle the rigors of apartment living or city life anymore, we are here. We have a talented and experienced team that understands the needs of older pups and can give them the care, and medical services necessary to make their golden years the best ones yet.

Long-Term Pet Boarding in New York

At Silver Streak Kennels, we understand that as an owner, leaving your dog while you travel overseas can be tough. But when your dog boards with us, you can rest assured that your dog is getting the high-quality care they need as well as extra love while you’re away.

We have a spacious and comfortable environment perfect for the avid explorer or lovable couch potato. When you choose us for your long-term pet boarding in New York, you will have peace of mind while away and your pup will have loads of fun during their stay.

At Silver Streak Kennels, every guest becomes a member of our family, no matter how long their stay is! Give us a call at 607-263-2007 to learn more about our New York dog retirement home and long-term pet boarding services.