Why It’s Important to Have Your Dog Fixed

If you’re considering adopting a dog, or have recently added one to the family, you need to be sure you’re ready to properly care for it. Part of being a responsible dog owner—on behalf of you, your pet, and the community—is to have your pup spayed or neutered.

Why does it matter so much if have your dog fixed? Well, there are a few important reasons.

Help prevent overpopulation.

It’s a sad reality that millions of dogs each year sit unwanted in shelters, are left homeless on the street, or are euthanized when facilities are over capacity. As great as it is that you know you could find a good home for every puppy in your dog’s litter, each one is one less chance for a shelter dog to find a furever family.

Getting your dog fixed keeps you from contributing to this overpopulation and homelessness problem.

Your dog will live a longer, healthier life.

Spaying and neutering benefits not only the entire dog community, but the health of your pup as well! A fixed dog has less of an urge to roam to find a mate, which greatly reduces the likelihood that that’ll run away and be hit by a car or harmed by another animal. They’ll also be at a significantly lower risk for uterine infections, breast or testicular cancer, and other reproductive system complications.

A fixed dog will be better behaved.

Unfixed dogs, particularly males, are far more aggressive and exhibit more behavioral problems than a dog that has been neutered or spayed. A dog in heat or searching for a mate may frequently spray or mark their territory with urine around the house, bite, wail/yowl, and be more distracted by the desire to mate.

A fixed dog likely won’t have these problems, be far easier to train, and be more focused on you and your family, making them better household pets.

Adopting a dog means committing to meet their needs for their entire lifetime. Sometimes, that means you need to find them long-term boarding, or a new home that can provide them constant care and an ideal environment as they get older. At Silver Streak Kennels, we have dedicated our lives to caring for those dogs whose owners are temporarily unable to or can no longer meet their needs.

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