Tips for Keeping a Senior Dog Active

Every dog owner wants their pets to age gracefully and live as long as possible. Like humans, dogs start to become less active as they age. And like us, it’s healthy for them to still try to get exercise and move their bodies as much as possible. Ensuring your remains active can help make their senior years happy and healthy ones. Here’s some tips to make that happen:

Gentle Exercises to Stir Those Paws

As dogs age, they may not have the same energy they flaunted in their puppy years. But that doesn’t mean they should skip their exercise routine altogether. Instead, consider adjusting it to a more manageable pace with exercises that are easy on their joints, like leisurely walks or a gentle game of fetch. Swimming is another fantastic option, offering the fun of splashing around while being kind to those older joints.

Mental Stimulation: A Brain-Teasing Affair

Keeping a senior dog active isn’t just about physical exercise; their grey matter needs some workout too! Engage their minds with puzzle toys or scent games, which not only offer mental stimulation but also allow them to use their natural instincts. Activities like these can be a great way to keep their cognitive functions sharp and delay the onset of age-related issues such as canine cognitive dysfunction.

Socialization: The Spice of Dog Life

Socialization is not just for young pups. Senior dogs too enjoy a good sniff and wag with their fellow fur-mates. Regular social interactions can play a crucial role in keeping them mentally and emotionally vibrant. Arrange playdates with other calm and well-mannered dogs or take them to pet-friendly places where they can meet other people. Always keep an eye out to ensure their interactions are positive and stress-free.

It can be stressful when you have to leave a senior dog behind due to other obligations. Let those worries disappear by boarding your dog at Silver Streak Kennels. We’re perfectly equipped to cater to the changing needs of your senior pup. Our environment is a loving and stimulating one where your dog can enjoy gentle physical activity.  Give us a call at 607-263-2007 to hear more about our services!