Please Send Silver Streak Kennels Milk-Bone Treats

With the holiday season coming up, we wanted to reach out to those of you who actively support us and the dogs that we care for.

Silver Streak Kennels is looking for people to donate flavored Milk-Bone treats and Milk-Bone MaroSnacks as a gift to the dogs this holiday season.

Milk-Bone treats are our treat of choice to give our beloved dogs. Milk-Bone treats are produced in the United States and come in a large variety of flavors, and our dogs just adore them!

Although we appreciate people willing to give us donations, many of our dogs are elderly and rarely play with toys. Plus, we have plenty of beds and blankets available so we truly don’t have a need for those types of donations at this time.

It is so important to us that all of our dogs enjoy every day that they have, with many of them being in the last chapter of their lives. We especially encourage owners of dogs that are staying with us to support their dog and send them treats whenever possible. To have a loving and attentive owner will make a massive difference in the life of a dog and prevent them from feeling forgotten as they start to age.

We rarely get treat-based donations for the dogs which is why we would be so grateful for Milk-Bone treats or Milk-Bone MaroSnacks.

Visit Silver Streak Kennels, where all dogs can come to enjoy the retirement they deserve. We believe that a dog’s sense of love and care is especially vital in their golden years.