How a New Baby Can Change the Household Dynamic for Your Dog

For so long now, your family has consisted of you, your significant other and your dog. However, when you finally decide it’s time to expand and bring a new baby into the world, things are undoubtedly going to change. Though you may read countless books and articles on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Though it may be a hard concept to absorb, you may need to consider the possibility that a household consisting of both your newborn and your beloved pet just cannot exist right now. In some cases, pets simply find the new presence hard to grasp. For example, your dog may be having trouble giving up the spotlight in your eyes and because of this, he starts acting more rambunctious than normal – which could lead to knocking the baby over or barking uncontrollably during nap time.

In other cases, your pet may not understand that your newborn is more fragile then you or your significant other may be. What may feel like a simple puppy bite to you can feel thousand times worse on delicate infant skin. In order to protect your child from any future mishaps – no matter how accidental they may be – parting with your pet may be the best option available for the time being.

Here at Silver Streak Kennels, we understand that situations like this don’t mean that your dog is a “bad dog”. If you decide that your home is no longer the best environment for your pet but want to ensure that he has a place to roam free and enjoy his life to the fullest, this may just be the place you’ve been looking for.

Make the transition easier for both of you knowing that with us, there is always the option to bring your pup back home if situations change. When the child grows older and more able to handle an energetic companion, a new home is purchased with a larger yard, etc., you can bring him home when you’re ready, or simply for an occasional visit. We want you to think of Silver Streak Kennels as a second home – whether that’s temporary or permanent.