Making Arrangements for your Pets in your Absence

In the event that you pass away, you need to make prior arrangements for your pets to ensure that they are cared for properly.

Death is a difficult subject to discuss; however, it is a reality that requires sorting out your affairs ahead of time, especially as a dog owner.

Regardless of how you, as a dog owner, cared for your dog prior to passing, many family members will have no interest in caring for your dog long-term.

As a business that cares for dogs in many different difficult situations, we have seen this problem occur time after time. A dog’s owner passes away and there is absolutely nobody willing to take responsibility for their dog. Unfortunately, most family members typically want to euthanize the dog regardless of the previous owner’s wishes and split up the monies intended for their care.

We suggest that dog owners make arrangements with a trusted lawyer and have the dog’s wellbeing directly put into their will. However, families do find loopholes in these situations as well. This is a serious topic that nobody has managed to seriously addressed, even most lawyers are unsure how to handle to this.

Our “best suggestion” is to set up a “trust” for your pet, just as you would for a child, with the “lawyer” as trustee. You’ll also need to set up a simple bank account with an ‘automatic monthly check’ paid out to whoever is the pet’s caretaker until the pet passes and then the balance goes back into the estate.

However, be cautious choosing a caretaker and make sure that they have the dog’s best interest at heart. Many times, dogs are euthanized too soon just to settle the estate and split up the money.

It is also important to note that paying someone a “flat fee” to take a dog is will not guarantee the quality of care your dog will receive after you are gone. With a “monthly fee,” there is the incentive to make sure the dog is adequately cared for and receives the necessary care to keep them happy and healthy though end of life.

We have struggled with these questions for many years and still don’t have a solution. If anyone is familiar with this issue and has a better idea, please lend us your best advice.

At Silver Streak Kennels, older dogs come to enjoy the retirement they deserve. In the event that you do pass away, hopefully someone can respect your wishes and make the necessary arrangements for these faithful companions of many years. After all, they are family.