Long-Term Pet Boarding & Dog Retirement Home in New York

As a loving, devoted dog owner, we know that the health and happiness of your pup is always a priority. We also understand that circumstances sometimes pop up that leave you temporarily unable to give your dog the sustained care and attention they need.

That’s why the team at Silver Streak Kennels is ready to step in and take over the care of your dog when you’re in need of a long-term boarding solution.

Our long-term dog boarding services are ideal for New York dog owners who are taking an extended vacation or will be away from home indefinitely.

Whether you’re heading on an overseas adventure, a military member leaving for deployment, or career or family obligations will keep you away from home for the foreseeable future, you can feel assured that your dog is in good hands at Silver Streak Kennels. Every dog who stays with us is considered family for the duration of their visit. We’ll give your loyal four-legged family member the personalized care, love, and attention they deserve until your return.

With 150 acres of green, open countryside to play and explore, a whole host of other dogs to keep them company, and comfortable kennels to relax in when they need some alone time, your dog’s experience with us will be one they never forget.

Silver Streak Kennels also provides senior dogs an idyllic retirement home in which they can live out their golden years in comfort and contentment.

As our dogs age, their needs change. Sometimes, owners are not equipped to handle the needs of an aging dog with the quality their loyal pets deserve.

In addition to our long-term boarding services, Silver Streak Kennels also welcomes senior dogs whose families can no longer provide the best environment for them to live out their golden years. When you retire your dog to our countryside farm in Morris, NY, you can feel good knowing they’re receiving the specialized care and additional attention they need as a member of the Silver Streak family.

If you’re looking for a fun and comfortable long-term boarding experience for your dog, look no further than Silver Streak Kennels in Upstate, NY. Our unique environment and specialized boarding services provide a stress-free solution for you and your pup when you’re temporarily (or permanently) unable to care for them.

Give us a call at 607-263-2007 today, so we can find a place for your dog in the Silver Streak family for however long you need!