Long-Term Pet Boarding & Dog Retirement Home in New York

One of the hardest things about being a dog owner is when you have to leave your best friend behind. Not all of us have a friend we can trust who will welcome our pets with open arms. Under such circumstances, it’s important to choose a service and team that is going to give your dog the accommodations and attention he or she needs and deserves while you’re away.

Silver Streak Kennels specializes in long-term pet boarding and can meet a wide variety of needs. We handle all breeds of dogs and our team has decades of experience.

Long-Term Pet Boarding & Dog Retirement Home in New York

We’re here if you’re leaving town and need long-term pet boarding but we’re also a dog retirement home as well. We know how difficult it can be to take care of senior dogs and some families simply cannot provide the necessary care and environment.

We have the space and the personnel to handle any dog’s needs. We are the perfect place for your dog to spend their golden years. We will welcome your dog into our family and provide your dog with the love and attention they deserve.

Emergency Dog Boarding

Emergencies often call for quick decision-making, and Silver Streak Kennels is happy to be our community’s number one choice when it comes to emergency long-term or short-term dog boarding services. We give our clients the peace of mind that comes along with knowing their best friend is in the very best of hands.

Dog Boarding for Senior Citizens

We’re also here for our senior clients that have been hospitalized. We provide dog boarding services for any length of time and can even give your dog a forever home if you find yourself no longer in the position to be able to provide proper care.

Contact Silver Streak Kennels today. We’re the very best long-term pet boarding and dog retirement home in New York. We have a long track record of success and a long list of happy dogs and satisfied dog owners.