How Dogs can Benefit from the Companionship of Other Dogs

Most families who run households with multiple pets will tell you all about the benefits that their family and the other pets get from this experience. There are many great testimonies on how having pets in your life can improve your health and overall well-being; and this appears to not just be true for the pet owners, but for the animals themselves as well.

Keeping pets isolated from other animals is no healthier for them than it is for humans to live isolated from others; the companionship that animals receive from each other enriches their lives and keeps them physically active. Animals that live among other animals tend to stay more alert and active, well into their mature years. They of course feel an important sense of a family from the humans around them, but they also feel a great sense of love and comfort from their animal friends.

If you’re debating whether to keep your pet at home or in a long-term dog kennel with other canines, remember that it can be most beneficial if they are able to enjoy the benefits of a more natural environment where they can interact with others. Dogs will thrive from the experience of living with their own kind.

One of the greatest benefits of pets living with other pets is the healthy increase of exercise and physical activity. Dogs are more eager to play and involve themselves in social activities when they are living day- in and day- out with another animal that will motivate them to get a move on and keep up.

This type of living environment, along with the proper love and care, is what we at Silver Streak Kennels strive to provide for our dogs, so that they can live a happier, healthier and more socially-active lifestyle well into their older years.