Holiday Gifts for Your Faithful Friends

Families with pets understand the joy a little fur baby can bring into a home. Animals hold the purpose of bringing us back to the present moment when we are otherwise engaged in life’s everyday stresses. Your little Fido can make it all worthwhile at the end of a busy day.

With the holidays on the way, you may be wondering what gift to get your dog, especially if he or she is a senior. Puppy toys are not always appropriate for senior dogs, but there are gifts that will put even more light into your faithful friend’s eyes. So what gifts are best for your senior dog at holiday time?

Toys that Dispense Treats

It doesn’t matter what age a dog is, they love doggy treats. From puppy age to senior, dogs always love a tasty morsel of food; and what is better than a toy that dispenses treats? At many pet retailers, you can find balls that, when rolled, will release a small treat for your dog. Often senior dogs are much more sedentary than younger pups due to age, health or just a lack of interest. Toy balls that dispense little treats will get your senior dog moving, driven by a tasty motivation.

The Gift of Rest

Senior dogs are no different than senior people. Just as aging can make us tired and sore, our aging dogs go through the very same things. A huge fluffy pillow to rest their tired bones on is one of the best gifts for an achy pooch. There are also heating pads for dogs, which are available at many pet retailers. A heating pad is a particularly great gift for a senior dog that has joint and bone issues. You can even ask your vet for advice if you choose to give your dog a bit of healthy rest and rejuvenation for the holidays.

 A Good Vibrations Massage

Yes – dogs can love a good body massage as much as you do. Giving your senior dog a massage for the holidays is a great gift idea. There are many resources online that teach different massage techniques for dogs, or you can also ask an animal care professional if they can suggest a doggy massage artist near you. Love and care is really all any dog really wants, but to make it special for the holidays, adding the good vibrations of a tender massage will definitely raise your dog’s spirits.

Their Favorite Treats

Though you may give your dog a treat regularly, there are usually some treats that are saved for special occasions. Why not stuff a holiday stocking with their favorite treats and hand them out throughout the holiday season. This is a way to make the holiday season last more than a week or so – all the more time for your favorite furry pal to catch the holiday spirit.

No matter how you approach it, we hope you and your whole family – people and dogs alike – have a great holiday season!