Extended-Stay Dog Boarding for Military Personnel

Being an active member of the military, you can easily be gone for an extended period of time, at a moment’s notice. While you may understand that this is the life that you signed up for, it’s going to be tough for your dog to wrap his head around not having you there, and we’re sure that it’s extremely difficult for you to think about leaving him as well.

It’s only natural that you would want your dog to be safe and loved while you are not around, as our pets quickly become beloved members of our family. Understanding this, we put a lot of devotion into the work that we do here at Silver Streak Kennels. While your first inclination may be to call a close friend or family member while you prepare for another military tour overseas, the burden of this type of responsibility may just be too much for some. Not us.


Silver Streak Kennels offers extended-stay boarding services for those exact times when your dog cannot travel along with you and you’re in need of a high-quality, trusted boarding facility. Your dog will enjoy a great quality of life, free to exercise and run around in a safe and secured environment.

We are here to make the transition easier for those who choose to have their animals cared for in a unique environment where they will be well loved, cherished and supported for however long they need. Unlike many other kennels, at Silver Streak, your pet will live in a fun, carefree space that truly feels like home. While you’re away, we’re sure you’ll have a million and one other things to concentrate on; worrying about your pet and whether they are really being cared for should not consume you. You can leave those worries and concerns behind when you leave your pet with the Silver Streak Kennels family.