Daily Exercise is Extremely Important for the Health of Aging Pets

When your beloved canine reaches an age where he is now considered a senior, you may think that the best thing you can do is leave him be and let him rest. We can understand your thoughts behind this; you figure that he’s had a long life and now deserves to just relax. While that may seem like the most considerate way to go, it’s really not what your pet needs at this point in his life.

According to experienced veterinarians, Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith, after the age of seven, your dog’s metabolism and organ function both start to slow down and a weaken immune system makes it harder to fight off disease. This is the time that he needs to remain active – meaning that you need to take the time to ensure that he gets a proper amount of exercise on a daily basis.

In their article, the Drs. Foster and Smith state that “without adequate use, muscles weaken and atrophy. This becomes a vicious cycle – as exercise decreases, the muscles weaken and the less they can do.”

In today’s society where most homes are occupied with working parents and children who have school and after school programs and sports to attend, there’s not a lot of extra time to give an aging pooch the attention he needs to maintain his health for as long as possible. These later years are those that are going to make the greatest difference in the end.

We understand that as a member of your family, choosing the right care for your aging pet can be difficult, but it’s extremely important to consider all of your options. A dog retirement home, like Silver Streak Kennels, is an ideal solution for owners who want to ensure that their pet can live out their golden years in a kind home with plenty of space.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the owners are the type of people who will have the time to give him the care and attention he needs on a day to day basis.  We can guarantee that you will find all of that and more, right here. Contact us today for more information, and give your pet the happy ending he deserves