A Place For Dogs With Special Needs

We often get dogs brought to us through K9Cars, a private pet taxi service. Tony,a driver that we often have the pleasure of speaking with said to us, “Why wouldn’t any dog love to live upstate,on a farm, away from the rigors of city life?”

Living at Silver Streak Kennels is a wonderful alternative for dogs that have special requirements that have become difficult for owners to manage.

This simply becomes a second home to them – they never forget their owners and many will come visit every chance they get.Not only is this good for the dogs,it is good for the owners to see their dogs happy and healthy.We are not simply boarding these dogs; we are giving them a home away from home where they can live the remainder of their lives and the owners can feel at ease that their dogs are as comfortable as they could possibly be.

Many of the dogs that we deal with have medical and physical needs that many other boarding kennels cannot and will not accommodate.For instance, dogs suffering from anxiety – fear biters – can’t manage the stairs due to whatever, incontinent dogs need pills three times a day everyday, some dogs need special diets due to medical issues and special sleeping arrangements that must be addressed.

We understand older dogs, and with years of experience, have become good at reading young and older dogs and understanding what their needs are, (young dogs also have problems). Visit Silver Streak Kennels, where all dogs can come to enjoy the retirement they deserve.