3 Ways Exercise Benefits Your Older Dog

When your beloved canine reaches an age where they are now considered a senior, you may think that the best thing you can do is let them rest and relax. While that may seem like the most considerate thing to do for them, it’s really not what your pet needs at this point in their life.

As your dog ages, their metabolism, organ function, and bodily systems begin to slow and work less effectively. Taking whatever measures possible to preserve their health now will give them the best chance at living a long and happy life. Regular exercise is one of the best things for your senior dog’s health and wellness. Let’s take a look at how being active will improve their golden years!

1) Keeps their muscles strong

Dogs naturally lose strength in their muscles as they get older. Regular physical activity can help combat this deterioration and keep your dog fit and flexible. Muscle strength is especially beneficial as dogs age for joint support, to help prevent arthritis, and heart health (the heart is a muscle too!).

2) Helps maintain healthy weight

Being overweight or obese makes older dogs even more vulnerable to the health problems that can come with age. Joint/bone/ligament damage, heart disease, diabetes, decreased liver function, and urinary issues are just a few of the conditions that can plague an overweight senior pooch. Staying active will help keep their weight and health risks down.

3) Promotes mental wellness

Like humans, dogs get an endorphin rush after they exercise. The natural high will boost their mood and make them more energetic throughout most of the day. Also, exercise often involves being outside and around new sights, sounds, smells, and other dogs. All of this new stimulus helps reduce anxiety and depression and bolsters your dog’s cognitive function.

Sometimes, even the most loving and devoted owners have trouble meeting the changing needs of their aging dog.

If you and your pup are finding that’s the case, Silver Streak Kennels can offer them the caring and supportive home they need and deserve for their senior years. Our highly trained and compassionate staff will care for your dog as if they’re our own, and you’re always welcome to visit and see how happy and healthy they are on our countryside farm.

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