3 Reasons the Countryside is the Best Place for a Dog

For humans, the decision between urban and rural life often comes down to preference and lifestyle. Some people thrive in the fast-paced thrills of city life, while others feel more comfortable with the laidback ways of country living.

Unfortunately for our four-legged friends, dogs don’t often get to make that choice for themselves. It’s up to us to make the best decision for them. Consider the benefits of making the move to the countryside for your pup!

1.) Unlimited fresh air.

There’s no denying the physical and mental benefits of clean, crisp air. Animals especially flourish in open, natural environments because this is where they originally made their homes and were designed to succeed. Country dogs are far less likely to suffer from many of the health issues that city dogs face. Urban smog can trigger breathing, nose, and throat problems for our pups.

2.) Country dogs maintain a healthier weight.

A dog’s weight will of course depend on how active they are—and often how active you are too! The opportunity for exercise tends to be more frequent and constant for dogs in the country. There’s plenty of space for them to roam and play freely. City dogs are often limited by space and the need for a leash, making them much more prone to obesity than a rural dog.

3.) Less stress.

With a home on the countryside comes a tranquil environment and leisurely lifestyle. Being free to explore and enjoy their surroundings makes rural dogs calmer and more patient. Life moves at a slower, more comfortable pace for them, allowing them to remain consistently happy and peaceful. City dogs are usually more anxious because of the overwhelming and constantly unfamiliar stimuli they come across in day to day life.

The advantages country life offers your dog is reason enough to think about allowing him to live out his golden years in a rural paradise! If you’re unable to give up city life though, there are other options for providing your dog with the best environment possible. At Silver Streak Kennels, we offer long-term boarding options for dogs of all kind at our tranquil, spacious country farm!

Here, your dog will experience all the benefits that freedom and fresh air have to offer—and you can come visit or take him home for a vacation whenever you’d like. Contact us for more information about how we can give your dog the beautiful rural life and second family he deserves!