Don and Terry Vought are the sole proprietors of Silver Streak Kennels, making the country home a safe haven for senior dogs.  The Voughts treat each visiting dog like their own and strive to create the caring, loving environment that each loyal pet deserves.

The Voughts’ diverse experience with animals and devoted love of dogs makes Silver Streak Kennels a peaceful, enjoyable dog retirement home.  Senior dogs enjoy independence and freedom on the spacious country farm with a secure, comfortable quality of life.  Don and Terry make their home on the Silver Streak Kennel farm and have a hands-on relationship with each of the dogs they board.  The special connection and care of dogs in their golden years, as well as the service to both pets and their owners, gives the Voughts continued happiness and satisfaction.  “These pet owners feel their dogs are worth providing for, regardless as to their age,” says Terry, “because, in essence, they consider their pets as part of the family.”

Read more about Silver Streak Farms and contact the Voughts for more information about their long-term retirement home for dogs and other boarding services.

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